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Jio Phone Whatsapp Download

Know how to download Whatsapp for Jio phone online? It’s been new Jio 2 Phone all of over which got its name in the trending debate and got a common attraction among the people from the last 3 days every from its creation on 21st July 2017 by Mukesh Ambani at the Company’s Yearly General Meeting. Whatsapp Jio phone download link

Whatsapp for Jio Phone

जियो फोन में Whatsapp डाउनलोड करना है

The Jio Phone enters into the industry with a jaw going down deal of zero rupees in specific conditions free of cost. However the customer comes with to deposit a safety and security fund of rupees 1500 to the company which in turn may be refunded to the customer after 3 years and that makes the mobile free of cost. People also waiting for whatsapp for Jio phone.

Download Jio phone whatsapp link

The main objective of Jio Phone is to focus on the future 4G customers. As per the statistics said by Mukesh Ambani, Out of 78 crores phones– 50 crores are actually feature phones that can easily not be used for Internet or data objectives. At the outset, Jio Phone delivers 4G services realistic to 50 crore customers to avail 4G services thus steeping the Digital Introduction of India.

Download Whatsapp For Jio Phone

Almost All of you have actually got your Jio Phone delivered to you. Currently here the main question comes up regarding WhatsApp. WhatsApp is actually one of the most used messenger services in India. You all are really browsing for download WhatsApp for Jio Phone Jio Phone is also getting there very own App Store. There you were not ready to Download WhatsApp For Jio Phone. As you know Jio Phone is operating on KAI OS and this model of OS is very fresh so you might find tough to find WhatsApp for your Jio Phone.

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Jio phone is definitely even getting some basic disadvantages which are actually small for few customers and major for most. Everyone is using WhatsApp Messenger service more frequently than other apps. You should require WhatsApp for Jio Phone. The saddest point is that Jio Store is not coming with most of the important apps which are used in our day to day life.

Even so, you may be able to Download Facebook from Jio Store. Many other providers have reported that Jio Phone are going to soon have an update. Along with the update, WhatsApp will be available for Jio Phone customers. You require to wait a bit as Jio is trying there best to offer the best knowledge to their customers. Users may get a number of updates in near future.

जियो फोन में Whatsapp कैसे डाउनलोड करें

If you are really searching the procedure to Download WhatsApp For Jio Phone then you are at the correct place. Here we will provide the full process to download it. But one point you should know that WhatsApp is not yet launched for Jio Phone. As soon the app is released we will definitely post the download links here. Once the launch, you could search for WhatsApp Download For Jio Phone.

WhatsApp Lite For Jio Phone

WhatsApp Lite For Jio Phone is browsed a lot over the internet. One point you should note that this WhatsApp Lite is simply a rumor. There is no such information relating to the WhatsApp Lite App. Previously we have found that WhatsApp has introduced WhatsApp for various Nokia Asha Phones however never named them WhatsApp Lite. You must not think in any of this news. Keep tuned to us for all the latest updates.

Jio Phone Support WhatsApp or not?

Previously reports recommended that Jio phone could not get WhatsApp. But currently, the company is scheduling to launch WhatsApp on Jiophone to satisfy customers with better functions. Even so, the company is preparing to provide many such apps including NFC support in the later on updates. Today, it is confirmed that WhatsApp in Jiophone will definitely make its visibility and Reliance telecom is keen regarding what more to introduce in Jio Phone. Users can easily even download whatsapp web apkin PCs and Laptops.

In spite of the fact that WhatsApp on Jiophone is an essential feature, the company have not declared about WhatsApp for Jiophone at a launch event. But, the Qualcomm 205 mobile platform offers the facility to house basic versions of Facebook and WhatsApp in JioPhone. As the manufacturer has just recently started Jiophone bookings, customers need to Download Whatsapp for Jio phone soon as it arrives.

Procedures to Download Whatsapp in Jio Phone

  1. Visit the website to download Whatsapp on Jiophone
  2. Type in Jio mobile number
  3. After that, click on the button ‘Click here’
  4. On the coming page, you’ll find a ‘Download’ button for Jio phone WhatsApp download
  5. Make sure that people uninstalled the earlier version to receive the latest version of Whatsapp in Jiophone

जियो फोन में Whatsapp कैसे चलाया जाता है / जियो फोन में Whatsapp कैसे चला सकते हैं

Reliance Jio had actually declared the Jio free phone promotion on 21st July 2017. Reliance may be launched the Jio 4G phone at Rs. 0. Like additional mobile devices, Jio 4G phone can have come up with different components such as unlimited data connection with ultra speed, totally free Jio 4G voice and video calling, free SMS.

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