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AadhaarUp made payments simpler than ever before.

- Rajesh Sawhney, Founder, GSF Accelerator

Simple Pricing

Already have a payment gateway? Great! You use our APIs at no additional cost. No additional setup fee, no card storage fee, no hidden costs. See details ↪

Don't have a payment gateway? No issues. We will help you get up and running in no time. Want to give us a chance? Proceed ↪

24x7 Support

Every business needs some handholding and payments is no different.

If you feel like lost or do not know where to look for help or just feel like chatting with us, talk to us, shoot us an email or pick up the phone. You will be amazed how much difference a support can make to your business. The faster you solve your problems, the quicker you can get back to your party and enjoy the awesome party games for adults as seen on this website. Continue ↪

Banking Grade Security

Security is core to our business and as such, we take it very seriously and adhere to strict industry standards to manage our network, secure our web application and set policies across our entire organization.

This three-pronged approach to security with our highly evolved security algorithms allow us to keep you safe at every step. Know more ↪

Made For Developers

We are developers and understand how it feels to surf through badly written APIs. We have seen it first hand and so, are dedicated to building the best and simplest payment solution for developers.

It is so easy, we've embedded a bunch of examples right here. Try it out ↪

In Depth Analytics

Analytics were never so sexy. With AadhaarUp, you can not only see how you are performing, but will also see other granular level details which were oblivious to you till now.

You will be surprised for what is in store for you.

Used by several other merchants

AadhaarUp is gearing to power thousands of sites across the web. Our mission is to bring the ease of cash transfer to the world of online payments and we are not alone in this journey. Here are some of the sites using our service:, click here, here, this site, link, this website, this link and this guide.

Checkout this space for more details to come soon.

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